Ken Lexer’s Sensational Stir-Fry

Ken Lexer’s Sensational Stir-Fry

  • Place 2 tsp. of canola or peanut oil in wok.
  • 4 boneless chicken breasts in thin slices
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tsp. ginger root
  • 1 drop sesame oil
  • 1 tbs. soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup Chinese cooking wine
  • Mix after adding each ingredient to the wok.
  • Heat vegetables alone.
  • Remove chicken after cooked, and replace it at the end.
  • Add 2 tbls. more peanut oil.
  • Add 1 more cut clove of garlic, and more ginger root.
  • Add 1 prepared bag of Asian stir-fry vegetables.
  • Add ¼ cup mushrooms
  • 1/4 tsp ginger powder.
  • Return chicken back to the veggies.
  • Finally, add ¼ cup green scallions. (Show #109)

1. ensure you’ve got all of the ingredients and seasonings you want beforehand of time.

2. ensure all of the meals is cut consistent with the guidelines earlier than you start. by no means try to prepare and slicing meals whilst you stir-frying due to the fact stir-frying is a totally quick and fast cooking method. The entire procedure uses the very best warmness in your range so you shouldn’t try to put together meals whilst you’re stir-frying.


three. For even cooking, reduce all of the components the equal length. due to the fact stir-fry is a brief and rapid cooking technique the whole time whilst you stir-frying you have to use the strongest warmth to quick cook the food. So it’s crucial to preserve the food at an same size. for instance, in case you stir-fry beef with vegetable, try to reduce them in identical length, like julienned, slice or cubes.

4. If no longer following a recipe, cut all the substances into chunk-sized portions.

five. Pre-warmness the wok on medium-high heat for as a minimum a minute earlier than including oil.

6. upload the oil (up to 2 to a few tablespoons depending on the dish; you may use peanut, canola, vegetable, sunflower or olive oil), drizzling it in order that it coats each the sides and the bottom of the wok. The oil heats quicker this way.

7. you can stir fry the garlic, spring onion, chili and ginger and those forms of component first to season and help the fragrance comes out first.

but be cautious now not to burn any of those components because it will make your meals flavor bitter

8. In a number of the recipes, you want to stir-fry the meat first and set it apart. This process is a bit like in western cooking in which you seal the meat in a hot pan to lock the juices of the beef in the meat.


upload the meat back when the vegetable is nearly cooked and cook it all of the way via. This procedure can lock the juice in the meat and additionally make sure you have not overcooked it.

9. Meat is generally stir-fried at a excessive heat to seal in the juices (individual recipes can vary).

10. in no way add more than a cup of meat at a time to the wok. Lay the meat out flat to cook dinner. by no means over crowd the ingredients while you stir-fry.

11. remove the beef from the wok when it adjustments colour. for example when the redness within the red meat is long gone. At this factor the meat is approximately eighty percent cooked.

12. Stir-fry greens in line with density, with the densest greens being stir-fried first and for the longest time. Denser veggies such as broccoli, carrots and eggplant require extra cooking time than green leafy veggies like bok choy.

thirteen. in case you’re unsure approximately the order wherein to stir-fry vegetables, the most effective solution is to stir-fry them one by one, one at a time.

14. If feasible, wash the vegetable beforehand of time to make certain that they’ve drained and are not too moist.

15. Alternately, if the vegetables are too dry, attempt including some drops of water whilst stir-frying.

16. whilst you cook dinner vegetables that need an extended time to prepare dinner, as an example broccoli, stir-fry them first for a couple minutes then upload ½ to 1 cup of vegetable inventory, hen inventory or water into the wok to cook dinner the veggies.


Use a medium high heat to prepare dinner the veggies until the inventory is sort of dry.

17. when stir-frying meat, wait a few seconds earlier than tossing so that it has a hazard to brown; whilst stir-frying veggies, begin moving them right away.

18. as soon as the dish is completed, flavor and adjust seasonings as favored.

19. Serve the stir-fried dish right away.

20. subsequently, a few words approximately cooking temperatures. a few recipes give commands on whether to cook dinner a dish at high, medium-excessive, or medium heat, but others don’t. In chinese cooking, stir-fry ought to continue to be high warmness and also you ought to adjust it depends at the model of your range.

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