How is coffee brewed through a commercial coffee maker different from the traditional home brew (coffee boiled over a stove)?

How is coffee brewed through a commercial coffee maker different from the traditional home brew (coffee boiled over a stove)?

One cannot deny that coffee is one of the most popular but also most consumable drinks around the globe. A good cup of coffee can give you a good start to your day and can also end the day on a perfect note. But it’s quite often that when we visit a cafe or make coffee at home using coffee maker, the taste differs greatly in comparison with traditional home brewing method. You may not enjoy the same pleasurable taste, smell and quality preparing coffee boiled over a stove that you get in the best single serve coffee maker. Here, we explore 6 reasons why coffee brewed through commercial coffee maker differs from traditional home brewing method.

Control Over Temperature

One of the major benefits of coffee maker over traditional brew method is that it is capable of controlling the temperature of boiling milk or water. The temperature of water or milk should be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit during the brewing process. This constant and ideal temperature cannot be easily achievable through traditional home brewing method. It is important to note that improper temperature will affect the taste of the coffee.

You can set the Time

Sometimes your attention gets diverted and you forget to turn off the stove while coffee is brewing for a long time. But thanks to a coffee maker, it comes with timer that helps you to set the perfect time window for making a good cup of coffee. One has to take precautions while making coffee as brewing for too long or too short can impact the flavors of the coffee. You will also find this feature in the best single serve coffee maker 2018.

Beans Will Get Roasted Properly

It’s unfortunate that you sometimes end up with a bad batch of coffee beans that didn’t get roasted properly. If you make a mistake during roasting of beans then it will change the taste of the coffee. A coffee maker is equipped with such technology that helps to roast the beans properly and hence giving you a perfect taste of the coffee.

Using Perfect Grind Size

Grind size is an important factor for making a good cup of coffee. Using better grind enables the water to extract both good and bad from the coffee beans. Also, you should take care that if you grind it too fine, it will leave you with bad taste of the coffee. Coffee maker machine usually uses burr grinder that gives you desired level of coarseness in your coffee.

Brews the Coffee Correctly

Coffee maker machine tends to not only grind the coffee but also brew it correctly giving you a perfect taste and quality of the coffee whereas using traditional method there are chances of human errors in brewing the coffee giving it an unpleasant taste and aroma. Hence, coffee makers help in preventing those human errors by brewing the coffee perfectly.

The Last Words

These were the reasons responsible for difference in taste of commercial coffee makers and traditional home brewing methods. You will find all the features in any of the best single serve coffee maker. Most of the coffee makers come with some benefits that you may not find in traditional techniques. If it drains your pocket to visit cafes for a cup of coffee then it’s feasible to set up a coffee maker at your home or workplace for the same taste and quality coffee shops have to offer.

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