The Cooking Without Looking TV Show has been around since 2001. We make Dinner and a Difference!  Easy, everyday meals are prepared by Blind/Visually Impaired/Low Vision Chefs.

Three hosts who are either Blind, Low Vision or Visually Impaired provide cooking tips, vision information, etc. along side our “guest chefs”…regular everyday people who are also blind, low vision or visually impaired as they prepare their special recipe, and provide cooking/vision-related tips.

The feeling is friendly, relaxed, and informative…along with a healthy dash of homestyle humor.  It’s like having your family and friends over for dinner, and the conversation that ensues during preparation.

The three Cooking Without Looking hosts are:

Chef Don White a classically trained blind chef; gives special tips for the culinary-initiated viewer.

Allen Preston funny, wisecracking host.  Is the visually impaired quintessential bachelor who likes giving cooking tips to the novice.

Annette Watkins Host of Segment 3, “Food for Thought.  Annette has Stargaardt’s, and focuses on all that is new, hopeful, and helpful in the vision impaired community. It is this segment which we replace Fear of vision challenges with Hope. Annette also creates tasty, healthy recipes that are fun to prepare and eat.